Nancy’s Specialty Foods

Nancy's Specialty Food
Nancy’s Specialty Foods produces high-quality frozen quiche and hors d’oeuvres. Although the products enjoyed strong repeat purchase, trial was inhibited by less than optimal packaging. We developed a design with taste-tempting, life-size photography that showcased all products in the package. Our design system clearly differentiates the four products while visually linking them. The red and blue flag imagery provides a powerful shelf presence and conveys a contemporary French image.

Package design in the frozen pie crust category does very little to evoke appetite appeal. Rather than giving in to category complacency, we maximized the printing process and positioned Nancy’s as the most premium choice. Our brand name, Crust Cuisine, suggests expended usage beyond mere dessert pie. Our calligraphic logo creates proprietary image, which is striking next to its competitors. The logo was created by hand to create a presence which stands apart from today’s increasingly “computer designed” packaging.