Blue Diamond Food & Wine Magazine Wrap

Blue Diamond Food & Wine magazine cover wrap

Blue Diamond cover wrap detail

A California almond cooperative, Blue Diamond Growers comprises over 50% of California’s almond growers. Their Global Ingredients Division is responsible for marketing and selling almonds, in all forms, to large CPG and food service companies. To insure marketing success, the brands’ message must be clear, concise and appealing to company decision makers and influencers. To be persuasive, potential customers must understand Blue Diamond’s competitive advantages.

Blue Diamond Growers needed a way to stay top-of-mind, build brand and thought leadership and influence key purchasing decision makers to purchase Blue Diamond almond ingredients. By collaborating with KenCreative to create magazine ad campaigns, Blue Diamond is able to present very targeted, compelling purchase information.

KenCreative developed monthly Blue Diamond Grower cover wraps to be folded around copies of Food & Wine magazine. A free, 12-month subscription is sent to key personnel at specifically identified companies. Each cover wrap has a unique design and emphasizes different aspects of Blue Diamond’s competitive advantages. Topics have included Blue Diamond’s wide selection of almond products, food safety procedures, and innovative solutions to existing customer challenges.