Atari posters
Atari’s, famous for it’s arcade games and game counsels, hastily started a computer division in 1978 as an attempt to compete in the home computer market against Steve Jobs and his Apple IIe computer. Atari’s new HCD engineers & designers went to work on designing the world’s first personal computers to use custom IC’s to handle graphics, sound and communication — named the Atari 400 and Atari 800 Personal Computer Systems. And, true to its roots, Atari adapted their most popular games to work, at a much more complex level, on their new computer systems.

Ken was intimately involved with Atari during this time and produced many pieces of marketing materials to promote Atari Home Computers here and abroad. A favorite memory is the creation of this series of three posters that touted the 1980’s introduction of Pac Man, Centipede, and Caverns to Mars to the general public. Distributed to consumer electronic stores nationwide, these graphically simple posters hung in windows, from ceilings and behind counters to quickly and simply announce the games arrivals.

They became collectable soon after Atari sold it’s last computer in 1993.